Men and Women

So I know the video is kinda long, but it’s so true. It takes me an hour to get ready, yet Gregory can be ready in 5 minutes!! Women are made so differently from men. I think it’s funny to think about all the differences. For instance, I like to be on a schedule but my husband likes to go with the flow. For me I like to be with the girls so we can talk-but Gregory can hang with the guys watching a basketball game and never say a word and that was just what he needed. Do you think opposites attract? I know for us it seems that way. In places where he is strong, I am weak and vice versa. Thats why I think we fit together so well.

Oh and one more thing, I made the sofrito and it was perfecto 🙂 I’m very proud of myself, pretty good for a white girl!


4 thoughts on “Men and Women

  1. You know, that’s exactly the way it was intended. Some things fit, some things don’t. All depends on what the studies tell us. But I know difference when I see it, and most of the time, it is those differences that make us fit together so well. What a blessing!


  2. This is so true! Rob and his buddies at the fire house are completely content just sitting there watching tv and not saying a word. But when I go see him there I have to talk to him to feel like my visit is worth while. But he says just having me there is what is so great for him. I guess whatever makes him happy.


  3. Yes! You know, let’s say there’s a 4-legged table. If that table loses 2 of its legs, then it will fall down. It’s the same way with marriage. A married cople has 4 legs. If 2 legs go away, the marraige falls. It must stand with all 4 legs of both couples! We each have our own jobs, our own roles. What’s yours???


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