Sorry I’ve been LOST!!!!

So, Gregory and I have been pulled by the island to watch Lost. We started at season one and will finish season three on Friday. That means in 3 weeks we have watched 48 episodes of this show! Thats 48 hours of Lost time 🙂 So this show has consumed our life for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thought about it all day long, we’ve eaten dinner every night in front of the tv, we’ve both dreamed about Lost at night. It’s been crazy but I’m so glad we are finally caught up. It’s really a great show the character development is amazing. And it’s fun that we both like it so much. Anyway, I just wanted you all to know where we’ve been. So I will leave you with this question…

If you watch Lost, leave me a comment and answer this question–Who do you think Kate really loves Sawyer or Jack??


8 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been LOST!!!!

  1. Well I don’t watch the show, but Mark does and he thinks she really loves Jack, but knows she can’t have him so she is settling for Sawyer. (She doesn’t think she’s good enough for Jack because of her past). How’s that for some psycho-analysis?


  2. Ok, I’ve thought long and hard about this…I think she really loves Jack, but likes the bad boy in Sawyer because of her past bad-girl history…and she sees something in Sawyer, kind of like the girl who wants to “save” the bad guy…any-who, guess I have too much time on my handsThe season premiere of Lost comes on January 31 (I’ve had it on my calendar for over a month.) You guys should come over and we can watch it together:)


  3. I think Kate wants to have sexal relations with Sawywr, but her heart is set on Jack. You know, Jack is her soulmate, but she knows Sawyer will always be there.What is up with Jon Lock? Will he ever meet his destiny and find someone who can stay? I don’t like how he blew up the submarine and was selfish. But I think at heart he’s a good guy.Anyway, the island will tell us soon enough!;)


  4. Anonymous, who are you?? How could you think Locke is a good guy when he blew up the submarine and decided to stay back with the “others”? And you mispelled “sexual” and “Sawyer,” by the way.


  5. I will tell of you what the real meaning is…i think she is torn between the two men because she loves the fact the sawyer can take care of her and protect her because he is a badass, we all know that, but then she is in love with jack for the way he treats her, and see how much he loves her back. Sawyer doesn’t seem to show that he loves her back, but he does show that he will be protective, and she also sees how jealous sawyer is when she runs back to jack. Sawyer obviously has issues with getting close to someone, and that scares kate. I have seen all the episodes as well and may be a bit obsessed with this show, but i have theories about everything, and they are probably all right lol.


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