Just like Joseph…

I’ve hit a low…

I don’t know why and I don’t know exactly when this happened. But I have hit a valley in the roller coaster of life. It reminds me of the story we taught the kids in Cambodia. Joseph had a hard and a good life. He went through ups and downs. But through it all he had God. I haven’t been sleeping good the last two weeks. And I feel very emotional-I cry on my way home, at home, and even in the car on the way to work. Why, you may ask…well, I wish I knew. I guess it’s still left over from my trip. I came home with such a renewed vision for my life. I had lists of things I wanted to change and one by one that list is slipping away. I’m clinging to the Lord because my trust is in Him and my trust is Him. But I’m just sad. I type this so that you will be a prayer warrior for me.

Thank you friends!

I know this will pass it’s just a season, but I hope it passes soon!


3 thoughts on “Just like Joseph…

  1. Rachael, what is the number one thing that you want to change in your renewed vision for your life? Sometimes our minds and hearts get cloudy with too many thoughts and hopes. It’s hard not to focus on the “big picture” that we want for our lives. I get caught up in that as well. I think we have to start with the smallest thing possible when we want to see change in anything. As far as emotions, I have a hard time expressing and explaining what I’m feeling at times, too, and there is no other way to “say” it except with tears. It is also easy to get caught up in the needs of others and therefore neglect the needs of our own. Make sure to take time for yourself, not just being alone, but really focusing on yourself. How can we carry the burdens of others when our own hearts need mending? I know it might seem selfish, but I think God wants us to take care of ourselves first so that we may be strong for those around us. I always heard growing up…JOY=Jesus, Other, Yourself. I think we must make our personal spiritual health and mental health and physical health a priority so that we can give to others. This may be something as simple as not making dinner tonight, taking a much needed nap, going for a walk, sitting in the back yard, reading a book for pleasure (not for spiritual growth or an assignment), ignoring a phone call, or turning off the phone all together, taking a bubble bath 🙂 alone! I don’t know if any of this helps, but know that through all this distress, there is a light, and it is closer than it seems.


  2. Hey Rachael,I will be praying for you. I’m sorry you’re down now. I went through a really rough season when Bekah was a baby and I remember thinking how awful it was to be so sad. Then I read a book my mother in law had given me. In one chapter it talked about our joy. I was so captured by the reminder that my hope and joy are always with me, even in the sad times because my hope and joy are in the everlasting creator of the universe. I will be praying this season passes quickly. But even in the sadness, you can light up a room, friend!


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