Happy 26th Birthday Gregory!!!

Today is Greg’s 26th birthday, so in honor of him I’d like to list 26 things that I or others love about him 🙂

1-He’s fun to be around
2-He always makes you laugh
3-He always has a positive attitude
4-He balances me out so together we make a super human
5-He is one handsome man!
6-He’s really smart (made Dean’s list all 4 yrs of college)
7-He is a true friend for life
8-He’s a total sweetheart
9-He loves children (obviously since he teaches 2nd grade)
10-He is extremely responsible
11-He can have fun doing nothing
12-He likes things neat and organized (just like me)
13-He has a great sense of humor
14-He puts God first
15-He has good taste in clothes
16-He is a great decorator
17-He loves working in the yard and it shows
18-He is a great planner
19-He is fearfully and wonderfully made
20-He loves the Lord with all his heart
21-He is an awesome dancer
22-He is an amazing leader for our family
23-He always has a smile on his face
24-He is a diligent worker
25-He loves me so much and is really good to me
26-And last but not least he is the best husband around and will be an amazing father someday!


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