I needed some change in my life-not sure if this was the right move. I miss my hair! But the good news is, I’m sending it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and they will use it to make a wig for someone with cancer.

That’s 9 inches of my hair!
The side view, looks like i’m about to kiss Gregory’s knee šŸ™‚
The other side view and no i’m not kissing his feet~ haha

So whats the verdict??

6 thoughts on “Change…

  1. Wow its so short but you look so pretty, as always!!!! I am so proud of you for giving your hair away!! One day, when I am ready to cut mine off, I will hace to do the same!


  2. I think it is absolutely, without a doubt, adorable. You would be beautiful no matter what you do with your hair. It is pretty long, medium or short..Change is a good thing! How cool to know your hair is going to be used to put a smile on someone’s face!! I am proud of you as ALWAYS!! I love you


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