Portraits of your son

Hey Dad,
I got an email from a friend today with some beautiful portraits of your son. I love to see Jesus smile. And these pictures brought tears to my eyes. I have become quiet a little blog reader lately. I get lost in them. It’s almost like I’m reading peoples journals and its so encouraging to see what others are going though in their lives. Anyway, I have read of so many families that lost children this year. And these pictures remind me that those children are in a better place. They don’t have to experience the hurt, sadness, and pain that we do here on earth. They won’t be picked on, dumped, or struggle with money at all. But they do miss out on the joy we feel here sometimes. However, I know it doesn’t compare to the happiness they are feeling in eternity with you. So today I want to pray for anyone who has lost a child this year. I pray you will comfort them with the kind of contentment that only you can give. I love you very much.

Until next time-

PS-Enjoy these pictures, you put beautiful images in the artist’s mind!


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