New Beginnings

Well, today is a new day and I’m thankful for it. It’s only 3:47 but I have not been nauseous all day so far. Praise the Lord! Maybe it’s gone??? I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday so it could be going away, please God! So speaking of 10 weeks take a look at this picture…the baby is getting bigger which is exciting!

I’m hoping to soon love being pregnant. I know the last 4 weeks have been really tough but it will all be worth it when that sweet baby comes along.

Anyway, I have some things I’d love your help with. Over the next month, Gregory and I will start registering. I wanted to see what you think are the essentials. Please leave a comment and give me your opinion. Even if I don’t know you, I’d love and value your advice.

Thanks so much in advance 🙂


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Here is my two cents:Cotton mittens Take & toss spoons, bowls, cupsPlastic bibsVideo monitorBoppy pillowMedela breast pumpBouncy seat and/or swingExersaucer and/or jump & goInfant car seat (Graco or Chico)Click & go strollerLet me know if you want me to help you register. By the way, I will have some things you can borrow.Love you!Karin


  2. Oh my, I would LOVE to help you register. I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching before I had Garrett and then have lived through 2 very different babies. Here are some (what I consider) essentials:Snap & go stroller (you can borrow mine)Don't bother with a travel system-just get an umbrella stroller for after they outgrow the infant seat.Bumbo (with tray)loved the high chair that fit into a chair (more like a booster seat) Plus Fisher Price makes a portable one that's fantastic!Lansinoh nipple cream (if you plan to nurse)Medela steamer bags (to sterilize)bottle drying rackplaymatEverything that Karin said!


  3. Hey Rach – I have a crazy list that a friend gave me and I will send it to your e-mail. We haven’t registered yet – but I am going to take it with me when we do! Glad you’re feeling better! Just wait till that little peanut starts moving around! It’s incredible!


  4. I will echo what the others said:Video Monitor (for sure!) Medela Pump-in-Style breast pumpBoppy PillowCotton Pads for the changing table/crib. (These are great so you don’t have to keep changing bedding)Ultimate Crib SheetSleepers with zippers, not snaps. Lansinoh breast pads (If you plan to nurse)Bottle drying rackBouncy SeatBumbo!


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