it’s back!!!

Well, unfortunately the all day sickness is back. And it’s more severe. I’m actually throwing up now 😦 But I’m praying this will only last this week and that I will be better next week! So, I’d love to see if you can pray for me. I need as much as I can get when it comes to prayers. Being this nauseous for going on 6 weeks now if taking a toll on me. The house is a mess, i feel like i’m struggling at work, and well i’m afraid i’m losing friends. I know this little angel is such a blessing so I will take this trial. But I’d love prayers to help me through. I’m finding that I’m much weaker than I thought I was.

More to come later…



4 thoughts on “it’s back!!!

  1. Girlfriend, it sounds like you need some major R&R this weekend and something easy on the stomach. I will bring by some soup tomorrow! Sending you an email right now to coordinate. Give yourself a lot of grace right now. You always give 100% at work, home, and with family and friends and you still are. You are loved!


  2. Bless your heart!! I’m sorry you are feeling so bad! Don’t worry about your friends sweetie…I can’t imagine anyone being upset with you right now!Here’s some tips I found for dealing with the nausea…u may have tried all these but I figured it’s worth a shot, right? :o)Crackers, Crackers, Crackers! Place some by your bedside to munch in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning before rising. Do this before getting out of bed. Try to eat small frequent meals throughout the day so that your stomach is never empty and to neutralize stomach acid. Avoid fatty foods that take a long time to digest. Also steer away from rich, spicy, fried, and acidic foods that irritate the digestive system. Try to avoid foods or smells that trigger your nausea. (DUH! LOL)Try eating more carbohydrates like plain baked potatoes, white rice, and toast. Sometimes the iron in prenatal vitamins can bother some women. Talk to your doctor for advice or to make changes. It’s best to take vitamins with food. Try gelatin desserts, frozen popsicles, ginger ale, decaffeinated sodas, and pretzels. Not the healthiest of foods—but they may get you over the hump. Sip on water and fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Give yourself time for naps and to relax. Lemons—sucking on them or in lemon ice. Ginger—either capsules, tea, sticks, or crystallized.


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