The start of the baby showers…

It’s been so exciting to start having showers and getting cute stuff for the baby. It sure does make things feel more real. I get home and unload the stuff and realize a little person is gonna be using this stuff. I just can’t wait! Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures form the last 2 showers. I have 3 more to go. I am so blessed!

Shower #1 (This was a surprise family shower when we went to Destin, FL for Memorial day. It was thrown by my mom, Aunt, and Grandma. So much fun!)

This is me being surprised!
Me with the hostesses-from left to right-Maw, Mom, Me, and Aunt Tavie

All the gifts and the cute cake

And this was one of my favorite outfits, it has little monkeys on the feet 🙂

Then we have shower #2. This shower was hosted by my good friends Candace, Karin, and Ashly. It was for all my friends from mentor group, mission trip, small group, and friends from church (Browns Bridge).

Here is me with my hostesses (from left to right-Candace, me, Karin, and Ashly)

This was so sweet-it;s a table set up for my guests to write notes of encouragement to me. I will really cherish this at 3 am feedings 🙂

I love this picture-it’s Ashly and I, she is 3 weeks ahead of me. Our babies are saying hello to each other. Both of us are being surprised with the sex of the baby so it’s been a fun journey so far!

And here is me and my momma!

YAY-I got the lil’ lamb swing! I was really excited about this one, thanks mom!

So, that’s it so far….

I have one on August 22nd in Kennesaw (hosted by Kristen and Megan), a work shower on September 10th (hosted by Brenda, Kelli, Gidget, and Elizabeth), and on September 19th (hosted by my moms). Much more fun to come!

….to be continued!

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