My last post pre-baby

Hey friends/prayer warriors,
Well, we are being induced this weekend! We will be admitted tomorrow night and then Sunday morning they will start Piticon. I can hardly believe that i’m gonna have a baby THIS weekend! Anyway, i’m on bedrest for the rest of today and tomorrow because of high blood pressure. So atleast I get to rest alot before the labor begins. Anyway, I’m writing one last post with some prayer requests and praises. I would really appreciate your prayers! And remember stay tuned updates will happen once labor begins.

-My blood pressure will stay until control through now, delivery, and afterwards
-Baby will be kept healthy through now and delivery
-Labor will be safe, good, and quick 🙂
-Gregory and I wont be overwhelmed with whats about to happen
-Gregory and I lean and depend on the Lord and each other this weekend
-I will be able to endure the pain of labor (until I can get the epidural)
-No complications during labor (praying for a natural delivery-no c-section)

-I’ve carried this baby 39 weeks
-Baby has been healthy the whole time
-We are getting to meet our baby early
-We will be delivering at a hospital 10 minutes from home
-We have everything we need for this newborn at home
-We’re having a BABY!!!!!


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