Baby update #1

We spend our day being lazy and waiting for the hospital to call. Greg watched college football and graded papers while I stayed in bed resting. While my mom was over visiting I got a nice surprise when the hospital called and said we could come early at 4:00 instead of later in the evening. It then alll became reality! Greg and I checked, double checked, and then checked again our lists of things to bring to the hospital. All of emotions of like , “wow, this is really going to happen!” started to sink in. We packed up and drove to the hospital in the rain. We checked in and were welcomed by a sweet staff. While I talked and filled out forms w/ the nurse Greg used this time to get the room set up like we were at a hotel on a vacation 🙂 It is almost 10 and I’m having painful contractions, but can’t wait for the end result 🙂 Concentrating on my happy place, which for me is a visual of the ocean from the beach on my honeymoon. I will be induced tommorrow at 7. Hopefully I’ll have time to take a dip in the sweet whirpool tub. If not, I know Greg will 🙂 For now, goodnight and pray for a peaceful night as this time tommorrow I will be looking at my sweet baby’s face 🙂


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