You know you’re a mommy when…

  • Sleeping late on a Saturday is 7:00am
  • 9:30pm is considered staying up late
  • You get excited when a nap is longer than 30 minutes so you can get more done around the house
  • Laundry, need I say anymore
  • You are glad to go to the grocery store because it’s a chance to have some time of your own
  • Every dinner made is from a 30 minute or less cookbook
  • Smiles or laughter can completely melt your heart
  • You get sad when you have to pack away baby clothes that don’t fit anymore
  • You are used to the sound of the sound machine and actually sleep better with it
  • You now carry 5 bags and sometimes more on a daily basis
  • Poop, spit up, pee somehow ends up on your clothes and hands. (The best is when you have dried spit up on your shoulder and don’t even realize it til half way through your day.)
  • You’ve learned to get ready in 10 minutes
  • You can eat a meal in 5 minutes while also entertaining your baby
  • You are the prime multitasker 
  • You make all kinds of crazy faces or voices just to see that smile or hear that laugh
  • And finally, I know I’m a mommy when I look in those sweet angel eyes and realize God has picked me be Finn’s.

I’m sure you all have your list. I read an example of this in a book today and it made me want to write my own. Feel free to comment and share some of yours. Or even post on your blog. Either way, I hope you are cherishing the moments with your sweet angels. I know I am 🙂



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