10 Months!

We have moved completely to table foods. Finn eats what we eat. And wow, this is so much easier! We went to Savannah for vacation and he ate his first kid meal- grilled cheese and fries. He also tried chicken fingers, sweet potato fries, and coconut gelato. Of course he loved everything.

I’m thinking he’s still around 21-22 pounds. Seems like his weight is staying the same these days.

Sleep is still going good. He naps twice a day-10:00 and 2:00.  And goes to bed around 7:30. On the weekends, Finn only takes 1 nap so he can spend more time with us. 🙂

Wake Time
Finn is such a bruiser. He cruises all over the place barely holding on to the furniture. He has started standing up and squatting down to pick up toys and then standing back up. Its so fun watching him. I love seeing him learn!

Finn is still wearing 9-12 month clothes. The outfit Finn is in is very special. I was out shopping a few weeks after Gregory and I got married and saw this cute Jordan outfit on clearance. So I bought it not knowing when we would have a child. Here it is 4 years later fitting our first son. So special!!

Fun fact
We took our first real vacation as a family of 3. We went to Savannah for a week and it was so much fun. We decided that is going to be our Walkup family vacation every year. It will be fun to see each year how much Finn has changed. Below are a few pictures from our trip.

Finn and daddy playing in the fountain at the square across from City Market.
Hanging out on River St.

 Daddy loves his son 🙂
Mommy and son time!

Finn playing on the bed in our hotel room before bedtime.

Daddy is so silly-he rolled you up in Mommy’s pillow like a burrito!

While walking around in the historic part of Savannah, Finn feel deep asleep.

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