Several people has asked why I’m leaving Facebook, but keeping Twitter and this blog. Well, I answered those questions in my blog entry “Social Networking“.  So I’m not gonna answer again 🙂 But I do have something else to say…

Why do I blog?

I blog to remember. I blog because I have something to say. I blog because this is my journal. I love looking back over the months and seeing where I was., where I’ve been, and where I’m headed. Also, I feel that others can learn from my experiences. I hope to get more readers by blogging more often. I hope to get more comments on here so I know I am reaching people.

The blog is changing. It was just a personal blog with entries about Finn’s growth, milestones, etc. Now the title has changed to “Confessions from a Mom on a Tight Rope”. This blog will be about that.

I am a full time wife, mom, employee, housekeeper, cook, etc. And this blog will be about balancing on the tight rope of life. It will be about things I’ve learned and things I want to learn. I will still update on where Finn is (monthly) because I also blog to journal. So, if you are interested…come on! I’m excited for this journey.

Please comment and let me know if there are things you would particularly like to read about.  


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