I’ll pray for you. Any prayer requests? 

I’m sure you have said those statements before. It started to bother me a few years because I would say that but I wouldn’t follow through. So of course, I had to develop a system for myself.

So now, I like to be very intentional with my prayers. If I tell you that I’m going to pray for you – then I really will. The way I do this is structured. So it won’t work for everyone but it does work for me.

Basically, I created 5 days that are “assigned” to specific people or groups of people. I pray specifically on those days. I have the days set up on my calendar so I can add specific prayer requests in the calendar event. Each day, I can take a look to see what I’m praying for. Any time a prayer is answered – I log it in my prayer journal so I can remember God’s faithfulness. Below are the days I’m doing for 2011. These days are reviewed in December for the next year.

Monday – Gregory, Tuesday – Finn, Wednesday – Ashley (accountability partner), Thursday – Family/Friends, and Friday – Groups I’m in (Mom’s group and Cambodia team)

And that’s it. So just know if I ask you – “How can I pray for you?” that I really will pray.


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