Love grows

The love I feel for my son is just amazing. It grows more and more everyday. Sometimes, I just can’t believe that he was knot together and my womb and given to me by God. What a blessing a child is!

Along with the blessing comes the exhaustion. Physical and mental exhaustion. When they are a baby you wonder if they are sleeping and eating enough. Then they start crawling and you wonder what all they will get into. Then they start walking and you wonder where they can get to. And now, they are running and you wonder if he can get away from you. Training a child in the way he/she will go is a very difficult task.

Did you know God cares? I used to think there was no need to pray about Finn eating or sleeping. God had much bigger things to worry with. In the last several months, I’ve discovered that God does care. Actually He cares a lot. In fact, I’m 100% positive that being a mom has made me much closer to God.

What I’m trying to say here is it took me almost a year and a half to realize that God wants me to pray about the little things. All those little things add up to a big thing. If I’m anxious or worried all the time, I’m not a good mom. So, when in doubt…PRAY. God wants to hear all about it. And he will give you the wisdom on what to do. After all, he is the best Daddy ever!

Heavenly father, today I pray for all the moms out there that need your guidance. Whether it’s feeding, sleeping, training, discipline, or something elsewe need YOUR wisdom. You are the only one who can truly instruct us to instruct our little ones in the way they should go. Thank you for blessing us. Thank you for pulling us close May we always feel you directing our steps. I continue to pray for more of you and less of me. AMEN!

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