I’m sure you looked at the title of this post and thought Kyrios, what the heck is that? Well, Kyrios is actually a Greek word. It means Master, Lord, or to the One whom I belong. And I did some research. That single word is mentioned 740 times in the New Testament. And actually a lot of scholars have debated on the use of this beautiful word. The reason I’m mentioning the word is because it’s a short word that packs a big meaning.

At the Women of Faith conference, Angie Smith talked about calling out to our Lord and Savior when we need help. I don’t know about you but being able to say “my Lord, my Master, and the One to whom I belong” in one word – Kyrios, is incredible.

So where are you in this life? Are you calling out to Him as your Kyrios? In times of trouble and in times of praise, call out to Him. I am already loving it.

My Kyrios, thank you for loving me. Thank you for directing my life. Thank you for wanting me as your daughter. I love you and pray that I continue to live out my life for you. I pray for every person reading this blog. I pray you will show them that you love them so very much. Amen!

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