Who’s in charge?

“True faith means that you can relax and rely on His timing and direction. Sheep don’t have a very high anxiety level. They seem content to let the shepherd be in charge.”

What an awesome quote, right? I read that and immediately thought – who’s in charge? That’s the problem. Too often, I let myself be in charge. When in reality – I need to be letting my Shepherd be in charge.

When you are a take charge person that is no easy task! It took 3 years of dating, 2 years of marriage, and a strong mentor for me to understand what submitting to my husband look liked. And I’m still not that great at it. Even though I have an amazing leader of a husband to support.

When it comes to God – I know he is totally capable of taking care of me. So why must I still worry? Why must I have a high anxiety level?

These are just things I’m trying to figure out. What about you?


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