The paperless life

I have started the year 2012 with a new initiative.

To be paperless!

The hardest part was my weekly planner – life on balance. I scheduled out my week so I would be balanced in all areas and achieve my goals. After meeting with a few different people I created my own “system.”

Today I thought I’d share it with my readers. Maybe it will help you to use less paper and embrace more technology 🙂

1. On Sunday evenings, I look at the upcoming week to see whats going on. I also look my quarterly goals to make sure I schedule in some things I need to do to make those goals. My calendar is on Google Calendar and my goals are all typed up in Evernote. Note-If you haven’t used Evernote yet – I highly recommend it.

2. I then use Remember the Milk to put all the tasks in that need to be done. I have created lists in Remember the Milk to keep things organized. See screenshot below. All the tasks are first put in the inbox because its easiest to type them all in. Then after all the tasks are in – I organize them into whichever list they belong. Note – the lists have an alphabetical letter so they stay in that order.

3. Any tasks that are calendar specific, I add them on my calendar so my time isn’t wasted. Things like breakfast with Finn, review a product, finish up filing my taxes, etc would go on my calendar for the upcoming week.

4. During the week as things come in that I need to to. I just add them in the Remember the Milk inbox to be looked at that Sunday. Also, if you have an iPhone 4s – you can connect Siri and Remember the Milk. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s the instructions:

And that’s it. Pretty simple. I like this system so far. The most important part is that I’m intentional with my time. Last year my main goal was balance. This year it’s intentionality. I want to make sure everything I do has purpose. Without purpose, I’m just wasting precious time that my Savior has given me.


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