A blessed decade!

Today I turn 30 years old. Hard to believe I’ve lived 3 decades. And I don’t feel 30, I still feel like a teenager some days. But as I was reflecting back on this past decade I realize a lot happened. So I wanted to make a little list of it all. It started with college and ended with a wonderful marriage and 2 kids. WOW! God has really changed me in these 10 years. So very grateful…

  1. Attended college at Kennsaw State University
  2. Attended college at Reinhardt College
  3. Declared my major as Business Entrepreneuship
  4. Met Natasha and her mom (here’s where the path turned)
  5. Met Gregory
  6. Graduated with honors – Bachelors in Business Entrepreneurship, minor in Accounting & Management
  7. Moved to the big ATL and worked at Van Michael
  8. Realized I didn’t like working at such a big salon
  9. Moved to Alpharetta and lived on my own for the first time in an apartment
  10. Got a job as an account executive at Beneficial
  11. Started management training 
  12. Got engaged to my soul mate!
  13. Gregory graduated college and we got married 2 weeks later on the beach that I grew up going to with my grandparents every summer!
  14. 2 months later we bought our first house 
  15. For 3 months we watched our home be built then we moved in!
  16. I decided to leave the corporate world
  17. Was offered a job at North Point
  18. Joined a mentor group that would really grow me as a woman (thanks Regina)
  19. Got to be a matron of honor to my life long best friend
  20. Went to Cambodia for the first time 
  21. Got pregnant
  22. Had a healthy sweet little boy – Finn Wallace
  23. Started attending Birds on a Wire group
  24. Changed jobs to work for North Point Resources
  25. Lowered my hours to focus on family
  26. Ran a half marathon with G
  27. Got to be a matron of honor to my sister
  28. Celebrated 5 years of being married to my soul mate on a cruise to Bermuda
  29. Went to Cambodia again
  30. Got pregnant again
  31. Now just waiting to deliver another sweet baby! 

I praise you Lord for all the blessings I have. I also praise for all the difficult times as you have simply pulled me closer to you through each one of them. 


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