I’m running home

Every time I hear the song “Home” by Phil Wickham – I’m reminded of how I can always run to my Father. And He is always there with open arms. That unconditional love is amazing and it doesn’t matter where I have been. I don’t think I fully understand that type of love until I had children of my own.
I’d love to bless you with this song now as well. So sit back, play the video, and read the lyrics. In His mighty arms is where we belong…
Phil Wickham
Come riding on a rushing wind
Blow through our hair and touch our skin
I want to feel You now like I felt You then

Strip away my calloused heart
Set Your arrow hit Your mark
Bring me back to where love starts
Bring me back to where You are

Father I’m running Father I’m coming home
I cannot go on
Your child is running, Father I’m coming home
Back where I belong

I know You’ve heard this all before
When I’m down and crying on the floor
Saying I want You and nothing more

But I’m breaking in my heart tonight
I’ve tried to stand I’ve tried to fight
But I cannot see without Your light
No I cannot breathe without You

When I saw you I was ashamed
You were pure and I was stained
But You ran to me and You called my name
There were tears of joy upon Your face


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