One month update!

I praise God that I have been able to nurse Selah. She is eating every 3-3 1/2 hours. She has had a few bottles and drinks about 4 oz.
I just weighed her and she is weighing in at 9 lbs 3 oz! Love my growing girl 🙂
Selah’s day starts at 8 and she eats every three hours. So that’s 8, 11, 2, 5, and 8. Then she wakes up sometime between 12-2 to eat. Hoping to get her sleeping more at night soon! Also, she doesn’t really nap during the day. And she has a hard time getting to sleep. But she is a tummy sleeper for sure – she hates being swaddled.
Wake Time
She is typically up a lot during the day. Selah loves to look around at everything. She also likes moving a lot. She is not happy in one spot for very long. And she has already rolled over multiple times from her belly to her back. I think she will be an early crawler for sure!
She is wearing newborn size clothes. Now that she is 9 lbs everything is starting to fit better. She has a closet full of really cute clothes thanks to family and friends 🙂
Fun fact
Selah may look just like Finn but they are completely different. It’s been a challenge to figure her out and I haven’t yet. But we did have a one month photo shoot with Jason Pendley. Pictures coming soon!
I’m doing ok – it is very hard balancing the two. Finn is so emotionally demanding and Selah is so physically demanding. But I just haven’t found my new normal yet. I’m trying to make the most of everyday because I want to enjoy these times. It is just hard, I am just being honest 🙂 Pray for me!


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