Saturday Stories – 5 Month Update!


We are entering the schedule of feeding all the time! HAHA! Selah is nursing at 7, 11, 3, and 7. Then she gets solids at 8:45, 12:30, and 5:30. So far she has had bananas, avocado, and sweet potato. She is loving all of it! I’m contemplating going to Dr. Denmark’s plan for solids. If anyone has done it and wants to share any advice. I’d love it!

Selah is around 16 pounds. She is growing fast!
Selah takes great naps at school. But home is a different story. We are usually on the go in the morning. And the only way she will take a good afternoon nap is if she’s swaddled up in her bed. Lately bedtime hasn’t been so good either. She goes down at 7:00 pm. But wakes randomly throughout the night. I’m not sure why yet. Still trying to figure it out!
Wake Time
Wake times are tons of fun! Selah is practicing trying to crawl. She love her exersaucer. And she loves to smile and laugh at her crazy brother, Finn!
Selah is in some 0-3 month clothes and some 3-6 month clothes. She is just in between sizes 🙂
Fun fact
A sweet friend of ours put together an amazing diaper shower during the pregnancy. And here we are 5 months later and have not had to buy diapers yet. Praise the Lord! Thank you Ashley! So between me nursing, friends providing diapers, and Finn being potty trained – these kids are very affordable. I know that will soon change but we are very grateful!

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