Maniac Monday – Adventure Dinners

When you have young kids dinner time tends to be a stressful time. And I didn’t want it to be.

So I keep thinking What could I do to make dinner time fun?

And what I came up with was ADVENTURE DINNERS. I came up with the name because when I was a little girl my mom used to proclaim “Adventure Swimming,” that meant we would hop hotels and swim in them like we were guests. It was fun! I loved those weekends when we were just spontaneous. Those times are etched memories in my brain. I want to have etched memories with my kids too. Hence…Adventure Dinners!

Now what that means is one night a week, I will proclaim – “Adventure Dinner!” And I will have planned a fun dinner. Here are some ideas I’ve thought of…

Remember – you can have fun doing just about anything. Think outside your box!

  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Mexican Pizza building (Fry tortillas, then have all the toppings – taco sauce, tomatoes, olives, cheese, meat, refried beans, etc)
  • Backwards dinner (dessert first, then everything else)
  • Dr. Seuss night
  • Picnic outside
  • Picnic inside on floor
  • Eat on the floor where the table was (move it)
  • No plates (just cover the table in paper or a trash bag)
  • No silverware (eat everything with your hand)
  • A specific color night (everything is the same color – food coloring!)
  • Make your own pizza
  • Kids cook dinner (I won’t be able to use this one for a while – but those with older kids can!)
  • Camping dinner with fire pit in backyard (hot dogs and smores)
  • Dinner in the dark (candles only)



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