Saturday Stories – 7 Month Update!


Selah is still nursing at 7, 11, 3, and 7. And she has solids after all except the 3. She hasn’t had any new foods lately. We had to go on a simple diet the last 2 weeks because of a nasty stomach virus. Starting next week meals will be more exciting. I’ve made her black eyed peas, peaches, and potatoes.

I think she is around 17 pounds. She is starting to get some chunky legs 🙂
Over the last month her sleep has gotten so much better. She is napping around an hour at 10:00 and 2:00. Most nights she can hardly make it to 7:00. And she is sleeping hard all night. She finally stopped waking up! Yahoo!
Wake Time
Selah started crawling this month. So she is all over the place!
Selah is now officially in the 3-6 month clothes!
Fun fact
Our sweet baby girl is quickly growing up. This month she got 3 new teeth. She has 2 that are about to pop through too. So that’s 5 teeth – crazy! Also, she started sitting up and crawling on all fours. She is officially all over the place.

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