Saturday Stories – 8 Months!

So I hope you all enjoy this picture. I kept trying to get a good one but I couldn’t. Until she moved on her side and picked her nose. I thought it was so funny! I found it after I snapped 25 pictures. Her facial expression is priceless! HAHA!

Selah is still nursing at 7, 11, 3, and 7. But starting this month I am going to drop the 3:00 feeding. So she will nurse and eat solids three times a day. This month she started grabbing at our food. So she’s getting table food at each meal. She has had hashbrowns, scrambled egg yolks, meatloaf, tacos, cheese, green beans, potatoes, white bean chicken chili, pot roast…basically anything I make – she eats!

I believe her weight is the same as last month – around 17 pounds.
Sleep is going great. Selah is taking two solid naps (around an hour to an hour and half) and goes to bed by 7:00. She has been sleeping til 7:30 in the morning.
Wake Time
Since I’m now home full time –  this month we began having “school.” We do circle time together in the morning. In that we practice the days of the week, weather, month, letter of the week. Selah is basically just watching me teach Finn. But she is picking on the sign language. She signs more, all done, and eat. I’m loving being home with them all day!
Selah is wearing mostly 6 month size and some 9 month outfits. My growing girl!
Fun fact
I’m pretty sure Selah will be walking over the next few months. She has been pulling up on the couch already. She is so strong and has a very active brother to keep up with.

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