Maniac Monday – February Meal Plan

Ok friends – here you are! The whole month of February. If you want grocery lists, let me know. I make mine weekly.

Sunday 1/27

Monday 1/28
Garlic Chicken Legs in the crockpot

Tuesday 1/29
Pizza night – BLT Pizza

Wednesday 1/30
Grilled Pork Chops over creamed spinach

Thursday 1/31
Pork Carnitas with coconut rice and black beans

Friday 2/1
Kid’s night – Fish Sticks, fruit, and fries

Saturday 2/2
Grill out – hot dogs

Sunday 2/3
Worlds Best Chicken with rice and roasted veggies

Monday 2/4
Garlic Lime Tilapia with spinach and apples

Tuesday 2/5
Shepard’s pie

Wednesday 2/6
Pizza night – Create your own!

Thursday 2/7
Paleo Chicken Curry

Friday 2/8

Saturday 2/9

Sunday 2/10

Monday 2/11
Thin pork chops and creamed gravy with mashed potatoes

Tuesday 2/12
Crockpot Chicken Tacos

Wednesday 2/13
Pizza night – Mexican style

Thursday 2/14
Valentine’s special dinner!

Friday 2/15
Semi-Homemade Lasagna (I buy store made sauce – but I layer it all myself and use cottage cheese instead of ricotta)

Saturday 2/16
Date Night!!

Sunday 2/17

Monday 2/18
Chicken Teriyaki in the Crockpot
Chicken, can of pineapples, teriyaki sauce, carrots, and red onions in crockpot (7 hrs on low)

Tuesday 2/19
BBQ Pork Chops

Wednesday 2/20
Spaghetti and Meatballs

Thursday 2/21
Cilantro Lime Chicken

Friday 2/22

Saturday 2/23

Sunday 2/24
Homemade Chicken fingers and fries

Monday 2/25
Camarones Con Arroz

Tuesday 2/26
Turkey Burgers and sweet potato fries

Wednesday 2/27
Chicken Curry in the Crockpot

Thursday 2/28
Salsa Verde Pork Chops and Onions

Friday 3/1

Saturday 3/2
BLT sandwiches


Breakfast Burritos (made last month – ready in freezer)
Protein Pancakes (made last month – ready in freezer)
Eggs and Bacon


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