Saturday Stories – Playtime

Last week I was playing with Finn. It’s so fun the last couple of month because he gets so into it. The living room transforms into an ocean, the couch is a boat we must get on, Nana is a shark after us…his imagination is amazing!

Well, this time was a little different. Funny to me. Hope it makes you smile too. Below is the conversation.

Finn: wanna play?
Me: sure, what’s happening?
Finn: I’m big and strong and I will get you.
Me: what’s your name?
Finn: I am Jesus
Me: you are Jesus?
Finn: Yes! And I will turn you into a boy so you can wrestle me because I can do anything!
Me: ha! Ok…

And then I couldn’t stop laughing. But Finn stuck to his character for atleast 45 minutes. The imagination of a child!


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