Maniac Monday – Responsibility

As soon as my new job began (being a stay-at-home mom), I knew I would quickly have to come up with ways to teach responsibility to the kids. Right now it’s just Finn but soon Selah too. Anyway, I saw a post on Pinterest for a chart and I liked it because it was totally customizable. It took the last few weeks to figure out how it works best for Finn. And thanks to my hubby, we figured it out.

Here’s a picture…



And yes I know the pictures beside the words are awful. But Finn needed a visual 🙂 haha!

Basically, every time Finn fills any line with smiles then he gets a treat. Then that line is erased and we start over. It’s working great for him. He has gone 4 days without an accident. He puts his own clothes away, sets the table every night, feeds Nana(our dog), and much more! I am so proud of him just taking ownership.

My lesson learned was I had to study Finn to figure out how his brain works. I know it will keep changing but for this week it’s working! YAY!



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