Saturday Stories – 10 months!


Well, i’m still nursing. Not sure why I’m not ready to stop. I guess this is just easiest for right now. She nurses morning and night. And some days after lunch. She also loves almond milk. She is drinking that at all meals. She is doing great on a sippy cup so that’s wonderful. I have determined that Selah is sensitive to dairy. So she can’t have cheese or yogurt. But her doctor seemed to think we could try it again in a few months.

She had a doctor appointment last week and she was 19 lbs. Almost to that 20 lb point! Can’t believe it!

The recent time change has changed things a little. She gets up around 7:30 and goes to bed around 7:30. Her naps are around 45 min to an hour at 10:00 and 2:00.

Wake Time
She isn’t walking yet. But she has been cruising a ton. And every once in a while she is just standing. I thought she would be walking by now. But she is content crawling everywhere. She loves dancing! We have a lot of dance parties in this house 🙂

She is still in the 6-9 month size. But some 9 month outfits fit. Just depends on the brand.

Fun fact
This month she said her third word – “Nana.” And here it is on video for you! Just disregard my voice and how I treat her like a little puppy. HAHA!

One thought on “Saturday Stories – 10 months!

  1. Her eyes are turning hazel just like abba 🙂 She looks so cute!! Praying for her. I can’t wait to love on each of you soon!! MOM xoxoxoxo

    Nidia Walkup Director of Missions Vertical Life Church Isaiah 6:8 317 Northpoint Pkwy Suite D Acworth,GA 30102 (404) 451-3188


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