Saturday Stories – 11 Months!


Finn is always jumping in her pictures each month. This was the best picture of Selah I got and Finn looks cute too!

Selah is a bottomless pit as her picture says. She will eat as long as I keep giving her food. Some of her favorites this month were tilapia, tacos, and rice. As for nursing, this month she started to wean. We are down to just one feeding per day. I have a feeling that will be dropped soon too. I can’t believe we made it a full year! So proud of myself!!

She sits around 18 lbs. I know last month she was 19 lbs. But I think it’s because she had just eaten lunch before our appt. I have weighed her a couple times and it’s always 18 lbs.

Selah is still napping at 10 and 2. But some days she skips the morning nap . She will go down from 1-3. Over the next few months, I’m going to transition her to napping at 2. That way we have a lot of freedom to go places for the whole morning. So that will be great!

Wake Time
She isn’t walking yet. But that’s ok. I’m sure she will when she’s ready!

Most 9 month outfits fit now. She can sometimes wear 12 month but they are pretty big.

Fun fact
The picture below is of Selah with the tree Daddy planted for her when she was born. It’s fun watching it grow! Also its a really cute picture of Selah Grace and her daddy.

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