Thirsty Thursday – Prayer

As most of my friends and family know, I thrive on creating structure and systems. A long time ago a mentor of mine gave me a way to pray for my husband and children. I have been doing this since my children were born and the prayer changes over time. But I just thought I’d share this system because it truly helps me to pray for all parts of my kids. I have been putting Selah to bed every night because of nursing. So I will share how I pray for her as an example. Just know you can customize this however best fits your children or husband!

Lord, I just want to lift Selah Grace to you. I pray that she lives up to the meaning of her name. I pray she will always pause and reflect on the importance of your grace.

I pray for her head. I pray she will always make wise decisions and that she will hear the voice of the holy spirit in her conscious.

I pray for her eyes. I pray they will see the good in others.

I pray for her mouth. I pray she will speak words that build others up not bring them down.

I pray for her heart. I know it is the wellspring of life. So I pray that it is guarded. I pray for the man she will marry someday. I pray you prepare her for him and vice versa.

I pray for her hands. I pray they will be quick to help others around her.

I pray for her legs. That they will run and not grow weary.

I pray for her feet. I want her feet to follow in your footsteps and will for her life whatever that may be.

I pray for her soul. I pray for Selah to find salvation and lean upon you Lord all of her life.

I pray all of this in the name of my Savior – Jesus Christ!



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