Maniac Monday – Have Your Way

I just recently learned that every person connects to God in a different way. It could be through nature, worshiping in solitude, deep study, corporate worship, etc. There are many different ways. If you want to learn more about this, I would recommend the book Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. Through learning about myself and how I connect to God, I learned two big lessons :

1. There is not a structure/system for my quiet time that will work forever. It constantly has to change. And that is OK! I believe I have spent a long time believing a lie that my quiet time means – reading my bible, praying, and writing in a journal. That is not true. And how boring to be the same forever! HA! Since releasing myself from this lie a few years ago – I have given myself freedom. Some days I just pray. Some days, like this morning, I just listened to praise and worship music and sang along. Some days I do study the word. I do always journal but that’s because it’s the only way to focus my mind. Otherwise my mind thinks of bunch of other things at the same time. The point is that your time with God does not have to be the same everyday!

2. Find how you connect to God and then connect with Him that way. This was huge for me. I learned that I connect best to my Savior when spending time with Him alone first thing in the morning. I also really connect by music. In the book, Sacred Pathways, I learned that because I connect that way – I need to have a place to have my quiet time. I can’t just wing it anywhere in the house. So for right now, that is at my kitchen table. I have a basket that I keep my journal, books, etc all together. And I just bring that out when I’m spending my time with Him. I hope to have a nice comfy chair and table put in my bedroom soon. That’s where I’d ideally like to have my time. But for now, the kitchen table is working.

So – I hope this encourages you to find how you connect to God. I also hope this frees you from a lie you too may have believed. The lie that quiet time is a perfect system that never changes.

This morning I spent time listening to music and just reflecting. I really love this song. So I’d like to share it with you. The words are on the screen.


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