Maniac Monday – Thankful

I’m starting this week with a thankful list. I have so much to be grateful for!

May 13, 2013

Put down roots right where you are and be content in the present regardless of where God might take you in the future.

14. Both sides of my family getting along and actually enjoying being together

15. A husband who treats each celebration in May as a separate event so they are all special (my birthday, Selah’s birthday, mother’s day, our anniversary)

16. A sweet son who continually told me “Happy Mother’s Day” yesterday

17. A beautifully landscaped back yard that we can enjoy

18. Gorgeous weather – blue skies, breeze, sunshine

19. New friends

20. Spring cleaning and giving to others

21. Learning something new from my pastor

22. Ibuprofen to keep the birthday girl’s fever down

23. New delicious recipes

24. A camera to catch great memories

25. Prayer groups

26. A wise mentor who always fills me up



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