Saturday Stories – 12 Months


Selah will eat anything you put in front of her. This past week she found a new favorite food. Roasted cabbage. Random! This girl loves food. And is not picky at all yet. I hope it doesn’t change. But you never know. For now – I just keep giving her everything and she just keeps on loving everything!
She is a solid 19 lbs and 5 oz. She is in the 20th percentile for weight. Getting close to having to change car seats!
Selah is a solid sleeper at night. 7:00 pm to 7:30 am most days. She still wakes up randomly between 10-11 at night. But she will get back comfortable and go back to sleep on her own. During the day she’s the same as last month. Some days one nap and some days 2 naps. Just depends on our plans.
Wake Time
Selah Grace has taken a few steps but isn’t taking off yet. I know she can walk but she’s choosing not to right now.
She is wearing 12 month clothes now. It’s so great that it’s warmer now because I love seeing her in little skirts and dresses! So cute 🙂
Fun fact
Below is a video I made of Selah’s first year. I’m so grateful to the Lord for this child.


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