Thirsty Thursday – Learning

I ask myself the question – what are you learning? quite often.

I do this because if you aren’t learning you are just sitting complacent. And complacency never honors God.

So…what am I learning?

1. I’m learning that without God guiding I can’t make it through the day?
2. I’m learning its impossible to be completely productive with two kids under 4 at home.
3. I’m learning the importance of putting my phone down and valuing relationships.
4. I’m learning I must watch what I say. Finn asks questions about everything.
5. I’m learning that being a mom is a hard job but an amazing job.
6. I’m learning to be content and always be thankful.
7. I’m learning to slow down because life is flying by and I don’t want to miss anything.

Learning is a continual process. I’m grateful for mentors in my life who help me learn more and more.

What are you learning this week?


One thought on “Thirsty Thursday – Learning

  1. If we’re standing still we’re going backwards. Always move forward.

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