Perfect Doesn’t Exist


Do you see those nasty dishes? Goodness who’s sink is that? Uh oh it’s mine! Hahaha! So I have really been working on having an off time each day. Mine is 8:30 pm. If it gets to 8:30 and I haven’t done the dishes then I have to leave them til morning. This is not an easy thing to do. However it is necessary for me.

There is always work to do in this house!

I’m learning slowly that down time is important so that I don’t burn out. I pray this post encourages you to create down time as well. As wives, moms, and women we need to take care of ourselves! Our job of serving our families is a very important job!

Anyway – I sure am thankful that I’ve learned perfect doesn’t exist us – only my Savior is perfect!


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