Do Not Fear

This Monday I feel it’s important to be reminded of perspective. I am reading a book called “Desperate” by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. I’m only one chapter in and God is already teaching me tons.

My big takeaway from chapter one is that a day will come where I will have to give account face to face with God on what I did to shape the souls of my children. That is weighing very heavily on my heart.

My gut instinct was fear. But God’s word always reminds me – do not fear. As I start a new week I’m asking my God to give me a renewed mind as I parent this week. My mission field is my home. And my purpose right now is to lead my kids to Christ. I have to model it in my actions and words.

Two things I’m doing this week:

1. Getting rid of distractions. I just deleted Facebook from my phone. This way I will be fully present.

2. Memorizing this verse –


Hopefully these two things will move me in the direction that The Lord wants. I pray this will be helpful to you as well in your journey!


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