The Refining Fire – The Church


Through this whole process there has been one factor that has blown me away. And that is the church. And I don’t mean the building, the place, or anything like that. When I say the church – I mean the body of Christ. God has done some miraculous things through His people for us.

We are in a fully furnished rental house not because of anything we did. Friends are letting us borrow (and in some cases have) furniture to fill the house. The clothes I have on today were all given through a clothing drive. I’m able to take a few months off from working to focus on my family and logistics of dealing with the insurance company because people have given us money. These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of how God has provided for us.

I started a blessings journal because I didn’t want to forgot all the ways God has provided for us through the church. I know it will be a great resource to look back on and always remember how my faith was fully restored in people and in my God.

If you have been part of the church for us – thank you. Whether you’ve given money, meals, clothes, toiletries, baby supplies, furniture, etc – we are so grateful. Words can’t say enough. But thank you for being the hands and feet of our Savior. You have taken care of us. And we will forever be grateful to you and God!

This verse is always true – But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NIV

No matter what you are going through, you can be confident in knowing that God will meet your needs. He knows what you need even when you aren’t sure. I have seen this with my own eyes.


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