To That Mom.

To That Mom,

The one who is missing their mom.

The one who is missing their kids who are now in college.

Or the mom who just misses a child who was lost or a child that never came.

Maybe you are the mom who is over-worked from out of the home job.

Or are a single mom raising kids without any help.

The one who feel like a failure at the end of the day.

The one who collapses once the kids get into bed.

The mom who was up all night with a sick toddler.

Or the mom who was up off and on with a newborn.

Maybe you are pregnant for the first time or second or third and you are just exhausted.

You could be the mom who cares for little children all day long and craves for bedtime.

Or…maybe, just maybe…

You could be the mom who works a little harder,

finds joy,

sees improvements,

finds success even in failure…

But most of all you could be the mother who depends completely on Jesus.

Whoever you are mom, know that being the mom who completely leans on Jesus is the best you can always be.

This world will always suck you dry, but Jesus always fills up. And your children are a blessing from God…Don’t ever forget that!

Moms, I need to hear this myself most days. Being mommy to little kiddos is hard work! But we must persevere. Perspecitive changes everything!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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