Disconnected to Connected


I took some time to disconnect over the last few months. And I’ve quickly realized that time was quite useful. Since January, I was having several problems that I couldn’t get past. And the biggest one was this – I was really having an issue doing my quiet times. The reason is simple…it wasn’t how I had always done it. No longer did I have “my spot” in my bedroom. No longer did I have “my comfy chair.” No longer did I have the book I was already working through. I lost all of my prized journals from the last 15 years. Every time I would start a quiet time, I would be reminded of all that was missing or different. Then I would just give-up.

In my disconnected time and from the encouragement of friends, I learned two big lessons…

1. Things will never be the same for me.
2. I have to make a new normal.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have begun to do that. It takes some serious work everyday. I had really missed my early morning connection time with my Savior. It’s been different. It’s been harder. But, it’s been sweeter. I have a new perspective because I have seen God truly move as my protector, my provider, and my comforter in a super difficult time.

Thankfully for me (and you)… “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow.” Hebrews 13:8

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3 thoughts on “Disconnected to Connected

  1. I know it has been a long hard road…however, we serve a mighty and compassionate God, who has had control over everything when you did not..what a blessing to be able to start over and create a “new normal” in a new house that has a foundation covered in God’s word…the entire house blessed and scriptures written within the walls and floors by family and friends who love you very much!!! Home is where the heart is…and there is a whole lot of heart in that new house! Hearts who love Jesus Christ and love you!! I am very proud of you and how you have weathered this storm. It shows complete trust in the One who calmed the seas in the storm..Mark 4:35-41
    I love you, so


  2. Today I read your blog right after I read Randy Alcorn’s blog and the two are tied together. Know you are a busy mom but this connects you to an add that last 90 seconds. I found it full of several profound statements.

    “Though it speaks about a conference concerning Loss, a conference God might want you to attend, it spoke to my heart, and I hope it does to you. The fact that most of us won’t be at this conference doesn’t mean our hearts can’t be touched by this 90 seconds:

    CCEF – 2014 National Conference from CCEF on Vimeo.

    One other thing that might be worthwhile…..I too have kept journals for the last 12 years. And when Nelson died I carefully filled away a lifetime of his newsletters, teachings, sermons, news clipping he kept to use when teaching. They are all very good but rarely have I gone back to that file cabinet needing his teachings. Several couples have asked for his premarital materials and I think Seth and Bethany’s pastor actually went through some of it with them but of course he had his own regiment. Once I thought one of my sons would definitely finish writing the two books Nelson had started. (I was not thinking Seth would be the one to do this). Truth is those books basically have been written by others and whole churches are doing the things we thought were so “off the beaten path” back in the day. Nelson would be proud that the books he was writing were not the key….God was working out the plans for good. Nothing God purposes is ever lost. On my journals, I told a counselor one day that I was going to start going back through them to write my book! He suggested that I might not be strong enough to go through all of that again. “Sufficient for today are the struggles/troubles” something like that I think the Bible says.

    I certainly understand your loss but rest assured it is not “lost” . God saw every stroke of your pen and he has it all recorded. I am glad you have a new place and I’m sure there is a nook, a chair, a place to meet God. I have come to pray for God to meet me everywhere, to constantly seek to be in his presence rather that running into my “safe place”. IT is a journey of growing up even after 60! PRESS ON sweet friend, joyful mother of children and beloved wife. You are a much loved daughter of the king and nothing can separate you from the love of God.



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