How I Use Doterra Essential Oils


I have been using Doterra essential oils now for about 9 months. These oils have helped my family and myself. They help to promote wellness in my family. We have used them to ease muscle aches, stop bleeding, heal bruises faster, sleep deeper, kill germs, and so much more.

I’m asked all the time what oils are used the most. So I thought I would highlight how I use essential oils to care for myself and my family.

Wild Orange/Purify or Lemon/Lemongrass: I have either of these blends running in my house daily. They smell fresh and lighten the mood in the rooms. Lemon/Lemongrass blend helps me to be productive.

OnGuard rollers: I roll my kids and myself daily with a roller of OnGuard. This oil blend supports a healthy immune response.

Sleep blend (Vetiver, Serenity, Bergamot): I used to take Ambien or Benedryl to sleep every night. Now I just roll this blend on my feet and wrists before bed. It helps me to fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night.

Balance and Serenity: These two oils are put on my wrists a few times a day. It helps me to stay calm all day long. Jesus helps with that too. I pray over my oils before applying them. 🙂

Cuts/Bruises blend: This blend I put into a spray bottle. It’s a mix of Frankincense, Lavender,

Vitamins: Oh the vitamins! How I love thee. These vitamins have given me so much energy. And I have stayed healthy since I’ve been using them as well.

Skincare line: I’m currently using the skin care line from Doterra. And I really like it. It makes me skin so smooth and I haven’t had a single blemish since I started using it.

If you are interested in learning more, please let me know. I’m also happy to purchase you any you would like to try at my discount. You can comment on this blog or send me an email. Whatever is best for you!

Here is a link to my Doterra store:


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