The Great Light

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a poem written by Rachael Walkup

Look around you, this world is going down and it’s no Heaven that’s for sure.

There are murders, sex trafficking, and horrible sicknesses without a cure.

The truth is – we live in a world that is broken, fallen, full of trouble, and quite sad.

Adam and Eve gave in to the enemy’s temptation and since then it’s been bad.

But hold on, because amongst the darkness there is a great light.

This person was also tempted by the enemy yet held firm to sight.

He was able to keep his eyes on His Father by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Is the Spirit leading you? Or have you allowed the enemy to fool you with his wit?

The choice is yours and I have made my choice.

My heart sings praise to my God, rejoice!

Isaiah 9:1 says that “the people living in darkness have seen a great light.”

That great light is the Messiah, Jesus. Will you chose to believe it with all your might?


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