Always Messy When She Eats!



Maniac Monday – Relationships


That picture was taken at the park 2 wks ago. Selah was laughing so hard at Finn in that tunnel. It was adorable. The brother/sister relationship with them is beginning to grow. I love seeing that. Relationships are important. Especially with family. Here is a list of things I’ve learned so far. Hope this starts your week out good for you!

1. Value the relationship first – meaning if Finn does something that hurts Selah deal with it right away.
2.Encourage them to play together. Also encourage them to play separately. It’s a balance.
3. Have Finn treat Selah special because she’s a girl. He gets in trouble for hitting or yelling at Selah because that’s we treat girls.
4. Mutual submission. They both need to learn to serve each other. This will be more the older they get.

Happy Memorial Day!