Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? I am constantly adding to mine. I still have a lot to do! Here’s mine…

Bucket List
1. Marry my best friend
2. Buy and eat boiled peanuts from a street vendor
3. Have kids
4. Work in a/the ministry
5. Go to the farthest place from home
6. Serve orphans
7. Visit the vineyards in California
8. Go to Puerto Rico and see where Greg’s family is from
9. Get a tattoo
10. Run a half-marathon
11. Run a marathon
12. Help plan my daughters wedding
13. Spoil my grandchildren
14. Drink a glass of wine on the streets of Italy
15.  Mentor young moms when I’m old
16. Learn to speak Spanish
17. Take signing lessons
18. Go to a college football game
19. Visit the Holy Land and see where Jesus walked
20. Climb a mountain any mountain
21. See the statue of Liberty and climb to the top
22. Get a sister
23. Adopt a pet in need
24. Make something and sell it
25. Paint on a canvas
26. Go skydiving
27. Go on a mission trip with my husband
28. Go on a mission trip with my family
29. Take a ride on a hot air balloon
30. Learn how to fly a plane
31. Write a book


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